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There are 3 different families

that raise Dachshunds pups

unusual colors and patterns some blue eyes

Guarantees , excellent pesonalities, temperaments, well socialized,

Adorable, come fall in love

Good with other animals and children,

Total lovers and healthy, shots, etc.

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Welcome To My Homepage Desertdoxies.4t.com

We live a little north of Sacramento in OROVILLE CA

Can meet part way OR?

Ask about my discounts

Thank you for your time and interest

Call 530 403 0045

email is carolel530@aol.com

note it is a letter l not a number 1 before the 530

later on I will write about the discounts

guarantees we offer

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Prices and more information on discounts

 Please call 530 403 0045

Above is an Isabella blue and white piebald with both blue eyes

Below is a female blue and white piebald with one blue and one brown eye