Welcome to desertdoxies.4t.com

beautiful ,unusual ,AKC Dachshunds, excellent personalities and temperment, socialized use to other animals and love children

Raised in house and started on potty pads. Go outdoors for play time sunlight and exercise

Mini and the tiny micro

Photo page 1

Puppies for sale, two from older litter and four from young litter, not ready to go yet

you can deposit on one early for one of the discounts

they can leave here at 8 weeks shots to date of age when picked up , wormed, nails clipped and ears cleaned etc

call 530 403 0045

email carolel530@aol.com

that is carolel all in letters then numbers 530 @aol.com

also between the different families

each family ownes their own Doxies.

but they all were originally my sons and myself for 30 plus years.

He died and I kept his three favorites

I gave friends and relatives 2 girls and 1 male breed if they want

there's only condition keep the line clean no out breeding

also all honor my sons guarantee

which is if ever a puppy bought from us has a birth defect life threating

we will give you another puppy when available from one of ours

scroll on down and check out these beauties some with blue eyes, some brown

at bottom of page will be list of discounts everyone has to qualify for at lease one of the discounts maybe more.

530 403 0045

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Several pictures of the puppies I have available now

I have deleted the ones sold

there prices will be from $400 to $1000

depending on sex and color

and discounts

discounts will be listed on down

scroll all the way to bottom of page

You may buy with full AKC papers or not if bought just as a pet you may have copies of the parents papers to show they are out of registered parents

Prices will be listed below picture of each

But then rember you will get other discounts

depending on what you qualify for

Each puppy will be sold with a gift pack as a thank you for buying from us

Contents of gift pack will be listed at bottom of page as well as discounts

# A


blue and white piebald<>one blue and one brown eye

# A there will be several pictures of each pup

to show all sides and back

Scroll all way down ,lots of pictures

$500 without AKC papers (plus whatever discounts you get, so she could leave for even $400. Or she is $750 with full AKC to show and or breed our

another pup #A

pup #A back markings

pup #A

she wants to cuddle and gives love even cuddles

pup #A

her personality and manners makes her worth every penny

if we meet part way no gas discount but if you come all the way to my house I will give a gas discount.

pup #A Girl and knows she is a beauty



Isabella, tan and white piebald

two beautiful blue eyes

*********# D


$750 as a pet, less with the discounts, so could be $650 or ?

she would be $1000 with full AKC papers less whatever discounts you qualify for

discounts will be listed on bottom of page


she is very smart.

**********# D

*********she has a real sweet and loveable personality also



blue,tan and white piebald blue eyes

$500 as a pet, less discounts or $750 with full AKC papers less discounts

already getting a super personality


************a fast learner. She wants to please

# E


look at that adorable little face

*********# E Male

*********blue(slate gray). tan and white piebald

*********$550 without papers copies of the parents papers

********or $800 with full AKC papers

**********don't forget to ask about discounts

# E


#E Male note the shadowing around patterns

# E MALE such a good little guy pictured above

*********#E MALE*********Pattern on his back

#G FEMALE black and tan and white piebald note markings also has brindle on face

**********#E MALE right side

# G FEMALE showing body marks on brindle side of face

*********# G FEMALE


**********right side of face dark brindle markingds, unusual


adorable little black and white piebald with tan markings sweet as all get out

$600 as a pet don't forget discounts or $850 with full AKC papers

# G FEMALE can see brindle on face better

********* #G FEMALE $600 as a pet then less discounts or buy with full AKC registration for $850 then less discounts

# H FEMALE showing more of side

********** ABOVE # G FEMALE with brindle on other side of face

*********showing body markings this side


note ears showing each side

$700 as pet with copies then less with discounts

or $950. with full AKC registration less the discounts

**********# H female showing other side

******ABOVE # H FEMALE another view

# K FEMALE sweet little face full of love, but so are they all

********# K FEMALE above

********blue tan white piebald very nice

# K

# K FEMALE shows pattern on back and the ears markings

# K other side

**********#K shows the blue (gray) color better not black

the three sisters one by my hand is # H middle is # G and last is # K

*********This shows # K blue color good. Really need to

********** see in person